TransACTION! Sharing knowledge and resources on media-supported learning

Part of series: Workshops & Seminars

TransACTION! is a project on Media and Learning Design for European Higher Education, it brings together partners from Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Belgium who are involved in activities and projects in the field of media based learning. The overall objective is to develop and up-scale effective media-based learning strategies and resources in Higher Education.

This online seminar comes at the end of the first year of project work and provides an opportunity to share what has been developed thus far by the project team.

During the session you can:

  • Find out more about the new TransACTION! Co-Creation Framework led by Evert Binnard & Hanne Tollenaere from KU Leuven, Belgium. This framework aims to support service staff within the universities in designing, developing, and producing scientifically sound innovative concepts and promoting media formats – try it out for yourself during this session.
  • Check out the approach we are taking to the design and development of our new open online course aimed at anyone involved in promoting and supporting the use of multimedia in their college or university led by Tim Wohltmann & Senna Tamminga from Wageningen University, the Netherlands.
  • Preview the first entries in our new Media Resources Hub and provide your feedback on the TransACTION! approach to creating and sharing materials in this hub by Soledad Valero & Carlos Turro from UPV, Spain which we plan to launch in 2023.

This session is aimed particulary to members of our TransACTION+ community and anyone interested in using, adapting, designing, and applying multimedia teaching formats in Higher Education settings.

Moderated by Sonia Hetzner, FAU, Germany