Guidelines on the sustainability of educational multimedia

Are you looking for a way to create engaging and effective multimedia materials for your students? Do you want to make sure that your materials are not outdated or obsolete after a few months? If so, you need to consider the sustainability of your multimedia materials. To help you achieve this, we have created a website that provides you with a comprehensive list of guidelines for sustainable multimedia materials. On this website, you will find practical advice on how to
– ensure the technical quality of your video (6 min 30 sec)
– pay attention to didactical and multimedia elements that support learning (7 min 30 sec)
– make your materials accessible for all learners (30 sec)
– comply with the legal aspects of using multimedia in education (30 sec).
This website is part of a training platform by KU Leuven that supports you in understanding and creating multimedia for education. You can choose between Dutch or English language. All videos have subtitles.

Total duration: 15 mins

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TypeGuidelines and recommendations
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This resource has been collected as part of the TransACTION! project.