Writing a script

This short video (2 min 55 sec) is part of a series of videos and short explainers on how to create your own educational videos. This video explains in a very simple but comprehensive manner a very important yet often overlooked part in the creative process: the writing of the script. It explains how to write a script and gives you examples on how you could layout the different attributes in the video (audio, image, text…) This series furthermore consists of short instructional videos about preparing your video, DIY concepts, Writing a script, Practical and legal factors, Producing your video, Working with recording material, Screen casting, DIY knowledge clip studio, Finishing your video, Video editing and Video distribution.

Learning activityAcquisition
TypeGuidelines and recommendations
FormatVideo (non-interactive)
LicenceCC BY-ND
InstitutionKU Leuven

This resource has been collected as part of the TransACTION! project.