Exploring the future of immersive education at Meta’s symposium

The Meta Symposium on Thursday, 30 November showcased the potential of immersive learning. Featuring presentations by leaders like Vanessa Penelope (France Immersive Learning) and Prof. Neil McDonnell (University of Glasgow), the event emphasized the impact of immersive tech in education.

Vanessa Penelope presented their newly published book titled “TOUT SAVOIR SUR L’IMMERSIVE LEARNING pour renouveler le plaisir d’apprendre et de transmettre“. The book underscores the benefits of immersive learning, including enhanced information retention, superior simulation quality, and improved learner safety. Through compelling case studies, such as cell biology processes at the University of Lyon and safety training at BPCE, the book offers practical examples of Immersive Learning. Geared towards organisations and individuals in education and training, the publication aims to explain fundamental principles, provide key insights, and showcase current achievements. The association behind this work anticipates addressing challenges up to the year 2030, making it a useful resource for anyone interested in the future of education. Currently, the publication is available in French, and there are plans to translate this resource into English within the next six months.

Prof. Neil McDonnell, Professor of Philosophy and XR Technology at University of Glasgow, presented the SEER XR Education Policy Whitepaper. This document explores the practical aspects of implementing immersive technologies like extended reality (XR) in education. Led by Dr. Neil McDonnell and his team, the project identifies operational considerations and teacher readiness for XR deployment in classrooms. The whitepaper, scheduled for mid-December publication, encompasses recommendations specifically tailored for the education sector, governmental bodies, and the XR technology industry. It serves as a roadmap derived from extensive research into immersive educational technologies.

Panel discussions and a fireside chat with Nick Clegg from Meta highlighted collaborative strategies and equity considerations in this evolving field. The symposium offered insights into the promising future of immersive education.