Celebrating Dedication: MEDEA Awards thank you to our volunteer judges!

Each year, over 100 dedicated judges volunteer their time and expertise to evaluate and assess the entries for the MEDEA Awards. Each of the 260 Judges (in the volunteer database) is carefully selected for their extensive experience in multimedia production for education and training. This ensures that each entry is evaluated by a professional with the requisite knowledge and skills.

The evaluation process runs for an entire month, with each judge assigned between 4 to 6 entries to review. Their meticulous work is crucial in recognising the excellence of multimedia use in teaching and learning settings for the MEDEA Awards.

José Bidarra, Universidad Aberta, Portugal (June 2024)

In appreciation of their invaluable contributions, this year the organising committee, with support from SONY, decided to award one judge a special prize. The winner was chosen through a live draw during the Awards Ceremony on Thursday 20 June 2024, at the Historical City Hall of Leuven, Belgium. Judges who were not present were notified by email, and the prize was sent to the lucky winner.

We extend our thanks to all our volunteer judges for their dedication and support.