Shaping the Next Generation of Virtual Worlds, Online, 8 November 2023

The JRC Science for Policy event, titled “Shaping the Next Generation of Virtual Worlds,” is scheduled for 8 November, 2023. This event will explore the concept of next-generation virtual worlds, a new paradigm driven by innovative technologies like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and extended reality, all set against the backdrop of the transition to Web 4.0. This expansion brings forth numerous opportunities alongside various challenges across different domains. The event will unveil findings from the JRC’s report on Next Generation Virtual Worlds, offering a comprehensive techno-economic analysis of the digital ecosystem and identifying key players in relevant subdomains. In an effort that calls for collaboration between public and private stakeholders, along with civil society participation, the event aims to address the challenges associated with the next generation of virtual worlds. The event programme comprises a plenary session focusing on the implications and the role of the JRC in shaping virtual world policy, followed by three parallel sessions that delve into specific application areas. Interested participants can register for this event and access the web stream on the JRC Next Generation Virtual Worlds page from 9:00 to 11:00 CET on 8 November, 2023.