Filmic Pro 7

Filmic Pro 7, updated

Filmic Pro is one of the favourite “professional” mobile phone cameras for the professional or demanding video makers. It has got a recent update. The redesigned manual control sliders have been improved and make focus pulling much easier. The in action info display allows yo u to catch in one glimpse all important technical details of your shot: white balance, shutter speed, ISO readings etc. In the same way, these settings can be quickly accessed and adjusted while recording. And a user assignable Function button is handy for setting, storing and recalling a personalised camera preset. Also great additions are the remote control functions. The camera app is intuitive and in the hands of a capable video maker, it produces high quality images. But… there is only one big catch with Filmic Pro: like with almost all great apps nowadays, it is a paid app, and not very cheap. You get a week for free but after that you pay per week or per year. More info on the Filmic web site.