Media & Learning Association welcomes 4 new members!

The Media & Learning Association is thrilled to announce the addition of four members to its community, enhancing its network dedicated to advancing education through media and technology. Among the newcomers, X2O Media stands out as a supporting/sponsoring member, while the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, DTU, and Verificat Association join as organisational members.

X2O Media brings cutting-edge technology to the forefront of education, specialising in the creation of hybrid training rooms and classrooms for corporate learning and educational institutions worldwide. Their innovative X2O OneRoom technology fosters an immersive hybrid learning environment, seamlessly integrating in-room and remote learners to facilitate an equal and engaging educational experience. Partnering with renowned institutions such as Airbus, Nestlé, and the University of Amsterdam, X2O Media sets a new standard for hybrid training and learning. For more information visit:

From the Netherlands, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, with over 40,000 students and a diverse array of programs spanning fields from Law to Engineering, the institution enriches the association’s collective expertise and perspectives. For more information visit:

Denmark’s presence is strengthened by the inclusion of the Technological University and DTU Media Lab/DTU Library. As the university library of DTU and the national technical information center, DTU Library plays a pivotal role in supporting education and research through streaming and digital multimedia productions. For more information visit:

Lastly, from Spain, Verificat Association brings its commitment to promoting media literacy and critical consumption of information to the forefront. As a Barcelona-based non-profit specialising in political and scientific fact-checking, Verificat actively engages in educational initiatives to instill digital information responsibility among students and young people. For more information visit:

The Media & Learning Association extends a warm welcome to X2O Media, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, DTU, and Verificat Association, anticipating fruitful collaborations and shared advancements in the realm of education and media.

Warm Welcome to our New Members!