New guidelines and recommendations for Visual Media Literacy Education available

The CLIP project (Critical Visual Media Literacy and Empowerment) has released its Guidelines and Recommendations for Visual Media Literacy education. This document aims to support educators and institutions in developing and delivering effective visual media literacy courses.

The guidelines offer a framework for course design, addressing various stages of development. They are informed by the project’s research, including the Report on Visual Media Literacy in European Higher Education and the Micro-Learning Course on Critical Visual Media Literacy and Fluency.

The Guidelines and Recommendations are available in English, Italian, and Greek.

Further Information

Those interested in endorsing the guidelines or integrating them into their curriculum can find more information through a dedicated form:

About CLIP

The CLIP project is an EU-funded initiative focused on strengthening digital capabilities in higher education, particularly regarding critical visual media literacy. This project aims to increase resilience to misinformation and polarization in the digital age. The project is a collaboration between UNIMED, IULM University, Hellenic Open University, and ALL DIGITAL.