Welcome to our newest member: Telecentar, Croatia!

We are happy to welcome the newest organisational member to the Media & Learning Association!

Joining from Croatia, Telecentar from Zagreb is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation founded in 2005. The mission of Telecentar is to promote lifelong learning as a key development tool for all citizens. The organisational vision of the Telecentar is to create a non-profit brand, recognisable for its high-quality digital inclusion program, development of digital and media literacy, professional multimedia competences and social entrepreneurship in education, culture, health and sports.

Telecentar is working on development of digital and media literacy in collaboration with members of the Croatian Digital Literacy Network and European partners from ALL DIGITAL. Their services include research and development of policy guidelines, educational standards, curricula and multimedia resources for the formal and non-formal education and training providers.

For more information visit: http://telecentar.hr/about-telecentar/