Mediasite brochure

5 Ways to boost student engagement

Sonic Foundry just spread the news about their new interface and possibilities of their Mediasite video platform. In this so-called eBook, which I would rather call an e-brochure, Sonic Foundry gives a clear insight of the latest version 7.2.2

According to Tom Irons, the new Mediasite interface enhances student engagement in 3 or more ways. You can listen and watch the on-demand webinar by clicking at the end of this e-brochure.

The brochure itself gives 5 reasons and ways in which you should use Mediasite. After a short introduction to what engagement means and why it’s important, the 5 new ways to Boost Student Engagement are shared and gives us insight in the new features of MyMediasite which include quizzes inside a video, real-time feedback, annotations on timeline, ask and answer questions and active learning with Mediasite. As I mentioned before, to be honest, this eBook could be better described as an e-brochure, because it’s a way to inform customers about the new features of Mediasite. However, I’m a key-user of Mediasite and MyMediasite and I can say the brochure really gives a good overview of the new interactive features of Mediasite, so I recommend reading it and listening to the on-demand webinar, which you can speed up or fast forward if you want. To get the most out of Mediasite however, a brochure or eBook isn’t enough, I would recommend visiting the seminars, user conferences or webinars which are organised regularly on different scales.

Download the brochure

Book review by Tom Visscher, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands