Another view on YouTube videos

ViewPure is a web tool that enables you to watch YouTube videos in different way: ViewPure removes (most of the) clutter that comes with your YouTube window: ads, comments and recommended videos in the side-bar. ViewPure is a free and simple service: copy the URL of a YouTube video and paste it in the site’s search box. In the same search box, you can also start your YouTube search. Advanced search modes allow you to set a safe search level and to view search results by relevance, date, rating, title or views. Users can create playlists, educators can search within curated education content. The ViewPure player allows you furthermore to save the URL of a particular video (even with password protection) in a personal playlist, add start and stop times to a sequence, embed the sequence or create a QR code. Quite a few functionalities teachers appreciate in a video player. Teachers can share videos with their learners in a secure environment, without distractions and in a focused way.
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