The Western Balkans’ Sketchy Media Literacy Landscapes

Major research by members of the South East European Network for Profession­alization of Media (SEENPM) has found that countries of the Western Balkan region lack comprehensive policies and institutional framework for developing MIL in a systematic way and at scale. This recently published research is entitled ‘Media and Information Literacy in the Western Balkans: Unrealized Emancipatory Potential’ and was written by Brankica Petković and Sandra Bašić Hrvatin.

Through their research, the authors show that when studying media and information literacy (MIL), particularly in the Western Balkans region, the analytical approach is almost inevitably interwoven with the activist drive to make democracies in the region more functional, to reform the corrupt media systems and to empower citizens for critical thinking and engagement. Read more about what this means when it comes to investigating media literacy in the region.