BildungsTV – Austria’s one and only online educational video platform

Education Group is based in Linz, Austria and is a leading centre for innovation in education with long-time expertise in pedagogy, technology and media. It offers a wide range of services for different target groups – one of them is BildungsTV which has established itself in Austria as a unique information and media provider with a focus on education.
BildungsTV was founded more than 10 years ago and is producing and providing video content on many topics aimed at all levels of education. These videos feature all those who are shaping education – educators, policy makers, experts but also students and their parents.

BildungsTV’s video portfolio is very diverse and includes for example:
• expert talks,
• press conferences and interviews,
• background talks and discussions,
• statements on contemporary educational issues,
• news items about events, about schools or about innovative projects
• and much more…

In addition BildungsTV produces videos for in-classroom use and provides in-depth information on topics such as new ways of learning and teaching, communication, psychology or media education.
In recent years, BildungsTV has been involved in several media productions that have been awarded the “Comenius EduMedia Seal of Approval”.

Examples of these productions include:
• “Du hast die Wahl (You have the choice)” – co-produced by the multimedia centres of Austria introducing various aspects of Austrian politics and especially useful for political education in schools,
• “Hinter den Kulissen (Behind the scenes)” – looking at the daily work of an opera from many perspectives including the various jobs (and thus very relevant for occupational orientation)
• “Musik entdecken (Discover music)” – a very recent co-production of the multimedia centres of Austria and South Tyrol depicting the history and the characteristics of traditional folk music, pop music and classical music involving well-known musicians and experts.

All these media productions come with comprehensive teaching material and are mainly intended for in-classroom use with students aged 10 and up.
However, the target audience of BildungsTV consists not only of educators, students and their parents but also of everyone who is interested in educational topics. Therefore BildungsTV’s videos can be accessed on the website as well as on YouTube or Facebook. Currently there are about 2.300 videos including 1.300 expert lectures available on YouTube; in total the channel gets about 150.000 video views a month and has more than 14.000 subscribers – and these numbers are increasing…


Ursula Simmetsberger, Education Group, Austria