Climate Champion Profiles Competition deadline 1 March

Climate Champion Profiles is a journalism competition for teenagers worldwide: teenage journalists are invited to profile someone who has made an impact through one or more projects taking us closer to saving the planet! These profiles should be about individuals who are disrupting or making a difference in stopping climate change. It is part of the assignment to define and defend what it means to “move the needle” and to show how the person profiled has accomplished this. The profile should cover how the action might have global reach or how such projects on the local level can be replicated elsewhere and contribute to systemic change. For all entries, participants must interview their selected climate actors, and interviews must be recorded (minimally audio or, preferably, with video from which images can be captured). This is necessary for verification purposes. Participants are also encouraged to speak to an expert who can independently assess the climate champion’s impact. Winners get coaching then publication by News Decoder, the international educational news service. The first and second place prize winners will receive a cash prize of $500 each.

This journalistic storytelling competition is open to teenagers from 13-19 anywhere in the world, working individually or as a team of two. Entries must be original reporting (not published elsewhere), in English, in any one of the following formats with links to the content submitted by a teacher or journalism coordinator on behalf of the author(s): Text, Video, Podcast, Multimedia. For more information and to register visit the Storytelling Competion. Deadline: 01 March 2023.

This journalism competition is part of The Writing’s on the Wall project, a partnership of the global educational news service News Decoder (France), The Climate Academy based at the European School Brussels II (Belgium) and the Global Youth & News Media nonprofit (France). It is co-funded by the European Union as part of its Erasmus+ initiative and by The New Earth Foundation (USA).