MIPRO19 Conference track on Engineering Education 20-24 May, Croatia

MIPRO is 40+ years old multi-track conference on electronics and electrical engineering. Since 2018. MIPRO has a new track on “Engineering education” where the aim is to communicate ideas, research, work and results of practitioners who are active in the field of engineering education with a view to make it better. According to the organisers, industry leaders frequently complain that engineering education is not well aligned with their needs, governments complain that the motivation for studying STEM is low, society complains about too few women in engineering, students complain that education is not up-to-date, practical or interesting enough, and professors complain students enter universities with ever fewer competences and less motivation for learning. At the same time, everyone has huge expectations of e-learning. You are invited to take part to share your activities, efforts, results and insights related to the education of engineers. The deadline for abstracts is Monday, January 28, 2019 but prospective authors can send their abstracts before February 15 to Juraj.Petrovic@FER.hr.