Multi-stakeholder talk on Digital Inclusion, 21 Nov, Brussels, Belgium

The Digital Collective (DigiCo) is hosting a Multi-stakeholder Talk on Digital Inclusion in Brussels, on 21 November 2022. The event will reunite multiple actors in the field of digital literacy, to discuss the current challenges of digital upskilling of migrants in the European context. Join the talk to be part of our European digital inclusion movement !

DigiCo is a non-profit organisation driving the European digital inclusion movement with aim to close the digital skills divide and empower marginalised groups with the digital skills and confidence they need to thrive in both life and work. DigiCo leads a targeted approach towards the hardest-to-reach communities, those who are both socially and digitally excluded. The organisation acts as a catalyst of social impact,  providing financial, technical and collaborative resources to European digital skills learning providers.

The event will bring non-profit organisations, researchers and policy makers in the same room, to highlight the cross-sector alliances we need in order to reach radical digital inclusion. You’ll be able to share your projects, and hear about both partnerships and grant opportunities!

Check out the agenda and register here before 14 November.