NordMedia 2023 Conference, Bergen, Norway 16-18 August

Technological Takeover? Social and Cultural Implications – promises and pitfalls

At Nordmedia 2023 participants will discuss both historical and future oriented perspectives of technological takeover. The conference theme is broad and inclusive, it can involve aspects, such as how various (old and new) media technologies facilitate and shape intimate, interpersonal and public discourse and experience. The cultural and societal implications of communication technology on representation, emotions and affect, opinion formation and public connection. This includes, but is not limited to, themes such as: digital cultures, screen cultures, digital narratives and ignorance, surveillance and censorship, regulation, disinformation, computational propaganda and fact-checking, disruptive technologies such as blockchain, virtual reality and synthetic media, digital activism, news automation, software applications, newsroom metrics, comments moderation and audience datafication, gamification, data literacy and digital competence/capabilities, ownership and transparency, augmentation of human capacity, emerging communication systems, trolling, meme culture, online abuse and harassment, visual forensics, public relations and strategic communication, social media and platforms, different types of inherent biases such as gendered technologies, as well as innovation and digital product development. 

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