A holistic approach to media literacy is needed

The European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO)  held its first annual event, EDMO Week: United Against Disinformation, on 7-11 June bringing together stakeholders working to tackle online disinformation, including researchers, regulatory authorities, online platforms, civil society, and the policy sector. More than 500 people registered for this conference and 4O speakers presented their points of view. On the last day of the conference, during the “Media Literacy and online disinformation” session, 8 presenters shared their experiences, views, and hopes for how media literacy could be developed. All presenters agreed that it’s important to develop a sustainable and systematic media literacy strategy(-ies) in Europe. Sally Reynolds, on behalf of the Media & Learning Association also brought the audience’s attention to the importance of providing tools and supporting our teachers. This view is shared by Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck who proposed that media literacy would be incorporated into the teacher training programme curriculum across Europe. Sonia Livingstone expressed the view that digital literacy should be part of media literacy strategy and Giacomo Mazzone called for a holistic approach towards media literacy. He believes that it is also important to involve public broadcasters, to try to reach as many people as possibly and not solely focus on developing media literacy strategies in formal education. These are just a few highlights from a thought-provoking session which was followed by presentations of 8 EDMO national/multinational hubs that will start their important work by the end of 2021. For more information about the event please click here.