Almost 300 people attend Video in Higher Education Conference in Leuven

The Media & Learning 2019 Conference on Video in Higher Education was organised by the Media & Learning Association, LIMEL and KU Leuven on 5-6 June 2019 in STUK in Leuven. The event involved 283 participants from 22 countries who came together to discuss the integration of video into colleges and universities. Media & Learning 2019: Video in Higher Education was all about highlighting the latest pedagogical and technical developments in this field and was based on a programme rich in inspiring talks, demos, discussions, best practice showcases and workshops alongside an exhibition showing the latest technologies, services and tools that universities and colleges can adopt to transform their use of video. There were also plenty of opportunities for informal networking and discussions.

This year’s plenary speakers were: Donald Clark; Robert M. Lipps; Andreas Hebbel-Seeger; Emily Nordmann; Tine Baelmans; Mike Wald; Eric Burns and a total of 75 people from 16 countries contributed to the programme in 28 different sessions.  You can download a full report about the conference here.