Calling all teachers! new MOOCs announced by European Schoolnet

European Schoolnet Academy offers massive open online courses (MOOCs), which are entirely free of charge and open for anyone to join, with no limit to the number of participants. On 13 September, the European Schoolnet Academy will launch the rerun of the MOOC “The Three Rs and Animal Use in Science”. In this course, you will have the opportunity to help your students discover a new STEM career or explore scientific innovations for non-animal alternatives.  Moreover, Scientix, STE(A)M IT and European Schoolnet Academy have recently announced the rerun of the “Integrated STEM teaching MOOCs.” By following these MOOCs, starting on 25 October 2021, primary and secondary school teachers will be able to bring their teaching skills to the next level by mastering the contextualization of STEM knowledge through industry-education cooperation, learning about innovative pedagogies, and discovering how to develop and implement a STEM integrated lesson plan. Check out the free resources here.