EdReNe community meets to discuss educational repositories and resources

The 17th Educational Repositories Network (EdReNe) Seminar and Learning Resource Exchange subcommittee meeting took place at the offices of European Schoolnet in Brussels on 28-29 May, 2019. The topics under discussion included the UNHCR’s initiative to provide K-12 teachers with digital content for teaching about and working with refugee children, to outcomes of projects such as Europeana media services and the Culture Chatbot, from the Jewish Heritage Network, enhancing users’ access to cultural heritage content.

The seminar included a workshop led by Dr. Kamakshi Rajagopal, author of the 2nd LRE-Subcommittee White Paper surveying the state-of-the-art of recommender systems for K-12 teacher professional development platforms. The seminar’s presentations are available on the EdReNe website. The LRE-subcommittee sponsored white paper as well as the subsequent webinar provide learning resource platform owners guidance in evaluating recommender systems for their platforms and identifies key issues and decision points in determining if recommender systems are the right technologies for their users. The webinar was recorded and is available here.