Enable Distance Learning Now with New Panopto 90-day Complimentary Access

During this public health crisis, does your institution have a plan to support distance learning? In order to prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best, having an emergency response plan to support continued learning for all students is paramount.

Panopto, the leading education video learning platform, is now offering 90-day complimentary access* to our cloud-based video platform.

Panopto supports your goal to keep students learning no matter the circumstance. Panopto’s secure, searchable video platform enables you to:

  • Conduct and share lectures online, live and on-demand
  • Offer a simple solution that does not require IT
  • Deliver a viewing experience optimized for learning
  • Provide video feedback to students
  • Incorporate student learning assignments
  • Capture and keep interest remotely
  • Help students who might otherwise fall behind

Discover more and learn about our Zoom integration along with many others that can keep your staff connected too.

If you would like to get started with your 90-day complimentary access, click here or email Panopto at eu@panopto.com.

* available for Panopto Cloud new clients only.