European Media Literacy Week’s interactive map

There is still time to post your media literacy event on the European Media Literacy Week interactive map. The idea behind this map is to promote relevant events taking place between 18-22 March 2019 at national/regional/local level. The map will be displayed on relevant pages on the European Commission’s web site. The idea is to populate the map with as many relevant media literacy events as possible (including events taking place before the Week or during the rest of the year). The registration of events will take place via the Commission’s Futurium platform, where you will find a dedicated group for European Media Literacy Events. You are also welcome to attend the opening conference of the European Media Literacy Week, taking place on 19 March at Cinema Palace in the centre of Brussels.

For continuously updated information on the conference and other events of the week, visit the official web site of the European Media Literacy Week.