Experts stress the importance of digital education for raising responsible citizens

EURACTIV has recently published an article entitled Digital education key to develop responsible citizenship, experts say by Silvia Ellena in their series Citizens of tomorrow: education’s role in strengthening EU democracy. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives; as a result, digital literacy skills are becoming more critical according to experts interviewed in this article. They also stress the importance of educating and training teachers so that they could help their students navigate the digital world safely. For instance, Hans Martens, head of digital citizenship at European Schoolnet believes that “most people would agree that it’s important for children growing up in a digital society that we don’t only give them access, but we also equip them with critical thinking skills, and we make sure that they can become active, responsible citizens”. The importance of closing the digital divide is also stressed as in many EU countries less than 50% of teachers encourage/allow students to use ICT tools for school projects according to pre-pandemic data, Read the full article here.