Interested in Media Literacy? webinars starting 23 September

Nordicom and the Swedish Media Council are getting the ball rolling with their series of webinars addressing media and information literacy (MIL) in the Nordic countries: Media Education in the Nordic Countries: Lessons Learned from the Neighbours. In this series of three 45-minute webinars, you will have the chance to find out more about topical MIL issues in Finland, Denmark and Norway. The first of these is on Media Education for Elderly People in Finland and will take place on 23 September, you can register and find out more here.

Starting in November, Nordicom and the Media & Learning Association will organise a monthly webinar on media literacy provisionally called Wednesday Webinars – Media Literacy under the spotlight across Europe . These hour long webinars are aimed at researchers, practitioners and policy makers generally interested in the topic of media literacy. Each month the spotlight will be on a different country to highlight media literacy activities aimed at younger people including the school-going population. During the webinar, we aim to provide a helicopter view of what’s happening in the country, sharing best practice and learning more about how media literacy is tackled in different places. Dates and countries to be announced in September.