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Mixed thoughts from bloggers on Lecture Capture

Martin Wellers’ recent blogpost on lecture capture makes for interesting reading. One of the points that he raises is the fact that students seem to like it and it reinforces lectures – even if it is not the most innovative technology around. He also makes the point that considering the tendency that technologies that link closely to university core functions are more easily adopted as borne out in his recent OOFAT report for CDE, lecture capture is about as close as you can get to such a link. Read the full post with accompanying references to several useful academic papers.

And while you are at it, take a look at this recent post from The University ofEdinburgh’s lecture recording mini-series where Jeremy Knox (lecturer in digital education) and Yuchen Wang (research assistant on the PTAS project‘Lecture Recording for Inclusive Education’) from Moray House School ofEducation, share some of their initial findings on the impact of lecture recording on the inclusivity of teaching and learning at the University.