New SMaRT-EU project to build social media resilience toolkit

One of the 5 proposals accepted for funding in the 2019 Call for proposals for Preparatory Action on Media Literacy for All is starting its work. The project is called Social Media Resilience Toolkit – SMaRT-EU and it aims to provide tools, suggestions and resources to train young people, digital immigrants (+50) and also the intermediaries who work with them in how to read media – particularly social media; critically understand how social media represent people and issues; and how to navigate with critical consciousness in the saturated and instantaneous informational social media environment, addressing the importance of fact-checking skills. The project, starting in October 2020, will run till October 2021 and involves 6 partners: COFAC (Portugal), Ponty (Spain), DKMK (Croatia), IMEC (Belgium), Tartu University (Estonia), and ERYICA (Luxembourg). Read more here.