Public Service Media Strengthening Media Literacy

The EBU has published a report on media literacy based on their belief that media and information literacy is essential to empower audiences to participate in civil societies and fully benefit from digital media services to make informed decisions.

This report was developed jointly by the European Broadcasting Union Media Intelligence Service (EBU MIS), EBU Media and EBU News units and is based on an ad-hoc survey completed by 30 EBU Public Service Media member organisations across September and October 2023. This survey was sent by colleagues from the media department to the communities and groups they manage and to other contacts who deal with media literacy.

This report provides an overview of the media literacy activities of both public service media (PSM) and the wider media industry. It sheds light on core media literacy regulations and activities and looks to the future of this complex public service topic.  

PSM is a vital public source of unbiased information and diverse political opinions. It provides an opportunity for different groups in society to receive and impart knowledge, express themselves, and share ideas. Moreover, it allows them to participate via media in society’s creative, cultural, and democratic aspects.

Read and Download the Full Report.