Take the survey: State of Play of Media Literacy at National Level

👉 online survey “State of Play of Media Literacy at National Level”  is now available for multiple stakeholders working with media and digital literacy. The survey is anonymous and part of the PhD thesis “Media Literacy Development & Assessment Indicators: A Proposed State Model on Media Literacy Towards a Competitive Knowledge Society”, conducted by Irene Andriopoulou, Media Researcher at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

📝 The survey is available at the link: https://survey.auth.gr/index.php/291343?lang=en

The questionnaire follows a “multi-stakeholder” approach, addressing:

  • Policy makers, decision makers. EU bodies, media regulatory authorities and councils are also included.
  • Education specialists: consultants, advisors, practitioners, and teachers.
  • Media stakeholders, national institutions, government officials, media professionals and actors within the media industry.
  • Academics, researchers, and university staff in academia.
  • Civic society actors: NGOs, advocates, ombudsmen, awareness-raisers, youth activists.

Please take some time to take part to complete the survey and share it with your colleagues! Note: For compact research reasons, all questions for all target groups are grouped together. However, you do not have to answer all the sections/questions, only those that apply best to your expertise/field of practice. Deadline: August 31st, 2023. All participants will receive a copy of the PhD thesis once completed.