Welcome to our new members from The Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden & France

Starting 2023 with good news! We are delighted to welcome 5 new members to the Association for this new year.

The first member to join us is The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, NISV (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld & Geluid). NISV is the Dutch national institute for media and culture. The Institute aims to strengthen an open and free society. Its holdings comprise of over a million hours of material ranging from radio, television, film, music games, documentaries, and web videos. Their membership is led by the Research and Heritage department.

From the Netherlands also joining us Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences). The slogan of the HvA is ‘Creating Tomorrow’. HvA inspires students to work on the future with creative solutions and sustainable innovations; to connect today with tomorrow. Creating Tomorrow stands for the active social role that the HvA plays in Amsterdam.

Further south we welcome the Lusófona University from Portugal. Their membership is led by The Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture, and New Technologies (CICANT). The Centre results from the combined efforts of Lusófona University (Lisbon and Porto) researchers in Communication Sciences. The centre is geared towards innovative and interdisciplinary research and promotes theoretical and applied research at the crossroads of media, society, literacies, arts, culture and technologies. CICANT has extensive research experience in the Media, Society and Literacies (MSL) area and hosts the MeLCi Lab – Media Literacy and Civic Cultures Laboratory. MelCi Lab’s primary mission is to aggregate researchers and the research done at CICANT in the field of media education and civic cultures, in connection with everyday life in today’s deep mediatized and digitized society.

Our fourth new member is from Sweden: Mittuniversitetet (Mid Sweden University). Mid Sweden University is a place with a lot of energy and warmth where people can meet, be inspired, and think in new ways. Mid Sweden University is one of the leading universities in Sweden in terms of distance education and their research is cutting edge in several areas. Their membership is led by the Weblecture & New Media Services Department.

Finally, joining us as a new Networking member, from France: L’Association Nationale des Services TICE et Audiovisuels (ANSTIA). The National Association of T.I.C.E (”technologies de l’information et de la communication pour l’enseignement”) and Audiovisual services is the association of professionals in pedagogical support services, TICE services and audiovisual services in Higher Education and research. The association is a place of reflection and sharing knowledge and skills, between professionals. It also aims to promote the professions it represents, with instutitional players, players from the industrial world and other equivalent associations.