Winners of 19th EduCAC Awards are announced

The EduCAC Awards promotes education in audiovisual communication and is aimed at students and teachers from schools in Catalonia. This year 88 projects were submitted and the jury awarded 17 prizes.

The winning projects are quite different, with primary school students focusing on the creation of audiovisual content with few technical resources but a lot of imagination! Older students tackled more social topics such as daily violence and diversity in schools; the parallelism between the persecution of witches in the fifteenth century and current racism; equality of gender; stereotypes in cinema as well as the deconstruction of romantic love in audiovisual content. Other award-winning works dealt with very specific topics, such as a study of the music in the Japanese animated series Porco Rosso; mimicry in the theater and the poems of Montserrat Abelló. Several schools used local radio stations to prepare their projects and submissions even included a horror short film!

Check the full list of the 17 winning projects here.