XR ERA Community continues to grow

The latest XR ERA Community meetup took place on Friday 2 October, and centred around ‘Failure Stories’. I.e. members of the community presented projects that did not turn out as intended which presented the community with opportunities to reflect and learn, thanks to Franka Luk, Bibeg Limbu and Thomas Ginn for their generosity in sharing their stories. Interested in joining the XR ERA community? Check out how to join here.

Furthermore, as you might’ve read in the XR ERA monthly newsletter, there is a new article on Immersive Language Learning and the team are working on various new articles that will be published soon! XR ERA is also supporting the Online Media & Learning conference on November 19 when the focus will be on “Experiences and practice in using AR and VR in Higher Education”. The XR ERA project and its function as a community for extended reality will feature in the conference agenda as well as inputs about topics under discussion within XR ERA like responsible XR.