ViLi Project launches MOOC on visual literacies

ViLi is a 2 year Erasmus+ project funded under the Strategic Partnerships for higher education action which comes to an end in December 2018.

The partners in ViLi aim to improve the competences of educators in Higher Education and vocational training and have been researching how experienced educators are using visual and video technologies and analysing interview data using Informed Grounded Theory to produce a new theory. Partners in ViLi argue that visual literacies are rising in importance for educators in Higher Education and vocational training, as online technologies are transforming, modernizing and internationalizing education. The UCISA surveys of Technology-Enhanced Learning show that there is increasing use of video technologies to support teaching, learning and assessment in Higher Education. Video technologies and virtual spaces are also becoming central components of many informal learning communities for peer-to-peer learning online, such as twitch (social video platform and community for gamers), YouTube, Tumblr (video blogging)

One of the project team’s key outputs is a MOOC entitled Visual Literacies: Exploring educational practices and technologies which began in October 2018. You can find out more about this MOOC here