Coding games and animations with Scratch 3.0

The free coding platform Scratch, designed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Media Lab, is now becoming available in version 3.0. Scratch is originally aimed at children from 8 years onwards and allows building and programming simple games and animations. Most of all it’s great fun to learn to programme with it, using blocks of code. What’s new in Scratch 3.0? The blocks seem a bit bigger and easier to manipulate and there are lots of new code blocks, new sprites (objects to manipulate), sounds and backgrounds. It is now built on HTML 5, and consequently from now on also compatible with more devices, such as tablets and even mobile phones. Also new are the extensions: blocks that allow for controlling video, music, pen drawings, text to speech and apparently even physical interfaces such as Lego Mindstorm. It took me only a short time to get used to the new interface. Use Scratch 3.0 online on or download the offline Scratch 3.0 desktop editor. Coding can be serious fun!