Firefly generated an image full of fireflies

Firefly for generating images

Adobe is the dominating software player on the graphics design market, and while in the past it was a tool for creative minds to generate their own images and graphics, nowadays it is investing heavily in AI services that create or manipulate images based on text input, so called generative AI. Adobe’s Firefly creates new images based on text commands. You enter your text prompt in which you describe what you want Firefly to design for you, and within a few moments the image appears on the screen. You can decide whether it should look like a photograph or more like artwork. You can change the style, the light, the colours, etc. Firefly is under development and changes are likely to happen in the future, also to the pricing scheme: at the moment a free version is available, with a watermark and in a limited resolution, unless you already have an account on Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Firefly compares to other services like Dall-E 2 or Midjourney. Firefly can also be used on existing images, you can remove or add image elements, backgrounds, text and effects. Firefly allows you to change the proportions of the output image (square, portrait or landscape), or the style (you can even add a reference style to suggest a particular style of output). Free to use but within limits.

(image created with Firefly)