NFC Tag Chip

Gear Organiser: never lose a thing…

It‘s every production crew’s nightmare: what did we forget? When leaving for a shoot, when returning from a shoot… The Gear Organizer is a brilliant idea, it is an app designed specifically to organise your camera or production gear, whether you’re preparing for a production or when taking equipment in or out of the premises. When packing you can work with a list and check off items in the app as you pack, ensuring that you have everything you need. In combination with the CRDTAG which includes an NFC-chip, it is now also possible to tap your bag and get an instant inventory of the bag. And it makes it easy to share packing lists with colleagues, and to know to know how to pack and which gear is included in each case, bag, and pouch. Still in beta for the time being but keep an eye on this site to get an update on its release.

(Image: By HenryWortel – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0)