Atomos Edit

Atomos launches Edit

Atomos has released the public beta of its Atomos Edit, a cloud-based video editing platform. Atomos Edit was announced in April 2023 and is part of the Atomos Cloud Studio, a collection of affordable subscription-based video production services and tools for remote collaboration and live production. Atomos Edit has the look and feel of a traditional but basic Non-Linear Editor but it is entirely cloud based, so you only need a web browser to access and use it, no matter where you are. No need to install any software. Atomos uses a proprietary FTP process to upload large files at high-speed, even directly live from the source (with compatible Atomos hardware).

Besides that the interface is very familiar for every editor, with bins, files, effects and transitions, multiple audio and video tracks, direct import of stock content etc. The interface is intuitive and amazingly responsive for being cloud based. Newly created sequences are instantly editable and playable. The fact that all is happening in the cloud, makes it easy to share projects or collaborate on them and review them within teams or with clients, allowing them to comment or tag. So far not so much new, I hear you say, but the nice thing about Atomos Edit, which is not available in the public beta yet, will be the possibility to upload directly while shooting from the Atomos Connect enabled devices into the editor and start editing more or less while shooting. While the Atomos device records internally using a production-quality codec like ProRes, or ProRes RAW, it can transfer a high-quality compressed proxy to the Edit. Later you can then conform your original footage using XML data from Edit on another NLE. Atomos recommends using Chrome or Firefox. Pricing plans are not available yet. Free public beta trial on the Atomos Edit site.