Snapseed, a free photo editor

Snapseed, a photo editing (sn)app

Snapseed by Google is a professional and complete photo editor. Its intuitive interface on your smartphone looks simplE but it gives immediate access to tens of tools and filters, those include the usual recolouring tools and effect filters which you see on Instagram and the likes, but also very useful more professional tools such as colour grading, HDR, crop, rotation, perspective correction, white balance and so on. A healing function is included in the app and allows some in-photo editing such as removal of certain parts of the image. The interface allows for fine grained control of the tools, plus undo, revert, save, copy as you would expect in a professional tool. The multiple point selection tool makes it easy to do some local corrections or adaptations and then let the app itself extrapolate the changes overall. The user can store and recall what is called “looks”, a combination of filters and corrections, to reapply them later on other images. The app is simple to use and those newcomers that are shy to get started can choose to use the automatic fixing and correction tools or they can follow the great in-app tutorials. The results can be exported in different formats but the only feature I missed is the option to store an image correction process that allows you to return to an edit after exiting the app. Now the history is gone after exiting the app. 

The app accepts images in RAW and in JPG. Free in the Android and iOS app stores. Only available on smartphones as an app, no desktop or web version.