LALAL.AI does magic with audio mixes

LALAL.AI does magic with audio

LALAL.AI is an AI-powered service that can deconstruct or split an audio mix in its different separate sources. For example, a mixed song can be broken up in the different instruments and voice. This can be useful for audio engineers who want to remix an audio track, or who want to remove the vocals from a song or isolate an instrument. Besides voices LALAL.AI can extract various musical instruments like drums, bass, guitars, piano, synthesizer or wind and string instruments. Further functionalities include Voice Cleaner, which is a noise cancellation solution that can remove background music, unwanted microphone noises, or voice popping, an ideal tool for audio engineers who face imperfect recordings. LALAL.AI is available as a desktop, or mobile application as well as an online tool where you can upload an audio file for audio enhancement or extraction. LALAL.AI is very simple to use: on the LALAL.AI website find Products and then Stem Splitter. Upload a song, select the tracks you want to extract, for example vocals, and then process… You will get a (free) preview first and if you like what you hear, you can then spend credits to process the file.

Desktop, online and mobile applications available, free trial version.