Mozilla Hubs

Mozilla Hubs, an open-source virtual world platform

Within Mozilla Hubs you can create with relative ease a unique Hub. You can choose your own environments and avatars that will shape your community, you can build and decorate your virtual world with the Spoke tool or build it from scratch using 3D software such as Blender. Possible applications for Hubs are hosting a virtual event with avatars, to create a e-portfolio, or an exhibition, a museum or digital gallery, hold a virtual classroom to connect with your students and so on. Spatial audio makes your audio experience feel more realistic: the audio volume changes according to the distance from the source, it is easy to share 3D models, PDFs, images, gifs, videos and audio. Hubs are private and secure by design and allow full access control, so that your world is accessible to people with the link. No downloads required: it works on any device with a modern browser. And finally, fully functional entry level hubs are free and fully based on open source. Start here