NDI5 Tools

NDI 5: Swiss Army knife for video over IP

NewTek recently released its updated NDI 5 Tools, a free suite of applications to receive video from any device anywhere in the world and transmit live video to wherever you like.

The NDI Tools comprise a complete set of utilities and tools: the Access Manager; NDI Studio Monitor to display any NDI video sources across your network in real time; NDI HX Camera is a virtual camera that you can choose as your input for example in Zoom, Teams or other web conferencing tools; Audio Direct to bring audio into and out of any Digital Audio Workstation that supports VST3 plugins; NDI Bridge to share NDI sources with others beyond your local network; NDI Screen Capture HX may be one of the most interesting tools as it turns your display (video and audio) immediately into an NDI source that can be replicated anywhere in your NDI network. NDI for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects enables real time, renderless playback and preview over IP—right from the timeline in Adobe Premiere or AE; same for Final Cut Pro. Also interesting is NDI for VLC to send video content and other supported multimedia to the network as IP sources directly from VLC Media Player.

What else can you find in the toolbox? There are the NDI iOS Test Patterns in 32-bit image file formats with test tone, usable as a source for testing or as a title, bug, or other overlay. There is furthermore NDI Remote with which you can share or receive an NDI source over the Web. Download NDI 5 Tools on https://www.ndi.tv/tools/