The European Commission Audiovisual Service, a treasure trove

The European Commission’s Audiovisual Service is a news and archive service providing EU and EC related images, audio and video materials for professionals in the media, including audio-visual news coverage of European news all in professional standards and dating back to the 1940s. They cover events, news summaries, info-clips, stock shots and photo reports illustrating the different EU activities. Archive photos cover the main events since the 1950s on Community themes. The Audiovisual Library contain the voices of European key players in many languages in key speeches and declarations at all major events, negotiations and agreements. The Audiovisual Library’s sound archive footage covers the principal developments since World War II. Video stock shots are compilations of semi-edited footage with natural sound, without commentary, to illustrate priority Commission policies and activities. They are intended to help journalists and media to produce their own programmes, news reports or clips. On the site you find shot lists detailing the content of pictures and links to complementary information sources and photos. Pictures and sound can be downloaded in broadcast quality formats: MPEG-4 for video, MP3 for sound and JPEG for photos. All materials are easy to find, download, process and file. This material is offered free of charge for EU-related information and education purposes. Further details on the conditions of use are available in the Copyright section on