Turn a web page into a Podcast with Audiblogs

Audiblogs is a Chrome web browser extension that allows you to listen to (almost any) web page instead of reading it: you can listen to it from within the browser of on your favorite podcast player. Install the extension and instantly convert your web pages into podcasts. It is as easy as Bob’s your uncle and works amazingly well. The audio is clear and does not sound too much like a computer-generated voice. It supports multiple languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Turkish etc.) and speed can be set from 0,5 to 3 times normal speed.

When you want to listen to a web page, you submit the page URL to Audiblogs and as soon as the page is processed, it is added to the playlist from where you can listen to it. Audiblogs is not free (starts from $1,2 US per hour conversion per month) but it is a nice addition to your browser and a great help for those who like audiobooks or podcasts. See the extension on Chrome.