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Look at the amount of video that is being created: transcribing and subtitling is a huge task. But these are very useful tasks for many reasons: it makes videos accessible for all and especially for the hard of hearing, they are easier to view when playing audio is not suitable (like on the bus or train), they are easier to translate and publish in other languages and also very importantly: transcriptions make videos much more searchable: as long as image recognition is difficult and unreliable, text is the most reliable content for searches. Professional video editors also like full transcriptions of their video rushes (for example interviews, presentations or long speeches), because they help them to make faster and better edits. However, transcribing until the advent of Artificial Intelligence was a tedious and expensive manual process. is an example of such a service: its website-based service is now commercially available at prices that are very interesting for those that need mass transcription of high quality. With, you only need a browser to get transcripts and captions, a video editing app is not necessary. Recently the service has been upgraded with a new features: upload media, sync existing transcripts, share transcripts with others allowing for collaboration during review and editing, exporting captions and subtitles for use in any video editor, as well as in plain and rich text file formats. Moreover, it syncs transcript with a timecode and has a search function for finding keywords within transcripts. Premiere Pro users will be happy with the full plugin integration making co-editing on transcripts extremely easy. has a few different price plans for different use cases. Users can receive 30 free minutes to begin transcribing and test the accuracy of the AI transcripts. The Review-Only Plan is the entry-level plan, with this plan, users can only view transcripts and export them out as plain text. Online transcriptions are fast at 4 to 6 times normal speed.

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