Zamzar: powerful file conversion

Zamzar is the service of choice for everyone who needs to convert files from almost any format to any other format. Over 1200 different conversions are supported for documents (doc, csv, ppt, xls…) but also for images (jpg, psd, png, tiff…), video and audio (aac, wma, mp3, avi, wmv, mov….) and more. All this on average in less than 10 minutes. One particularly interesting feature is the possibility to convert old file formats that are no longer supported (flv anyone? realaudio?) into current formats that can be recovered with present day applications. Zamzar is a great tool to recover your old archives. New is the compression functionality: the most popular document, image, audio and video file formats can be compressed now online too on the same web site. The Zamzar service is free and available easily through the web site, but Zamzar also offers a paid API for those that want to integrate the service in their own workflows. Free web site.