How accessible are higher education video services one year on from the Directive?

Part of series: Workshops & Seminars

The EU Directive on Accessibility came into operation in September 2020 and had significant implications for video services in higher education. One year on,  and following what was arguably the most turbulent year in recent history when practically all teaching and learning services were forced to move online, we want to take stock of how well higher education have adopted accessibility requirements.

During this seminar, we will hear from a variety of different universities and colleges who will describe the adjustments they have made. We will also take time to discuss the different challenges faced by providers from a technical, design and support point of view.

Topics under discussion include:

  • Designing for access – building in access as part of the design of learning materials and activities
  • Getting buy-in from senior management  to ensure the resources and skills are available to support greater access
  • Technical options and challenging choices, e.g. automatic vs manual captioning

Contributors include; Mike Wald, University of Southampton, UK,  Mary Ziegler, MIT, USA, Arnout Probst, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands