Webinar on Media Literacy in Europe: France

This webinar is one in a series of monthly webinars organised by the Media & Learning Association (MLA) and Nordicom which aims to support the growing number of organisations and individuals keen to help young people become more media literate.


  • Introduction to Media Literacy in France. During this part of the webinar, Anaïs Adriaens-Allemand (CLEMI) will provide an overview of the status of Media Literacy in France, describe the relevant policy framework and the extent to which media literacy is supported and promoted in an educational context.
  • Media Literacy practices and experiences in France. During this part we plan to introduce you to several media literacy projects and initiatives taking place in France. Presenters:
    • Nathalie Barbery, coordinator for the Dijon Academy, will present the “Media Classes” project that was launched at the beginning of September 2019. The goal of this project is to give students tools to analyze and decipher information messages, understand how media work (press, radio, TV,  web, social networks…) and to exercise their critical thinking skills when facing information.
    • Sophie Gindensperger will be presenting a project called Classe Investigation  which is a role-playing game to teach media literacy
  • News and updates on media literacy across Europe. Each month we plan to bring you a round-up of news and information about media literacy activities in different countries including new developments, initiatives and research findings.

Moderators and hosts:  Maarit Jaakkola, Nordicom and Sally Reynolds, Media & learning Association.

These webinars are open to anyone interested in the topic of media literacy including researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

Spotlight on projects and media literacy initiatives in France: