Webinar on Media Literacy in Europe: Ireland

This webinar is one in a series of monthly webinars organised by the Media & Learning Association (MLA) and Nordicom which aims to support the growing number of organisations and individuals keen to help young people become more media literate.


  • Introduction to Media Literacy in Ireland. During this part of the webinar, Stephanie Comey, Senior Manager in the BAI with responsibility for Media Literacy, will provide an overview of the status of Media Literacy in Ireland, describe the relevant policy framework and the extent to which media literacy is supported and promoted in an educational context. (presentation)
  • News and updates on media literacy across Europe. Each month we plan to bring you a round-up of news and information about media literacy activities in different countries including new developments, initiatives and research findings.

Moderators and hosts:  Maarit Jaakkola, Nordicom and Sally Reynolds, Media & Learning Association.

These webinars are open to anyone interested in the topic of media literacy including researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

Spotlight on projects and media literacy initiatives in Ireland:

  • Webwise – the Irish Internet Safety Awareness Centre
  • The Teachers section of the website provides a variety of free teaching resources addressing a range of topics including cyberbullying, image-sharing, social media and more.
  • HTML Heroes is specifically designed to help teach children aged 7 -10 about the safe and responsible uses of the Internet as part of the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum. It includes video, fun interactive puzzles and activities.
  • All Aboard for DigiTown is designed to help older children aged 9 -12 become smart digital citizens by exploring 10 themes in the DigiTown activity book. Topics include consumer awareness, rights, wellbeing, media and information literacy, ethics and empathy, privacy etc.
  • MySelfie and the Wider World is an SPHE resource developed to engage 5th and 6th class primary school students on the topic of cyber bullying. A series of short animations are used to help students develop the skills and understanding to be responsible, socially conscious and effective internet users, as they explore social networks for the first time.
  • Barnardos Online Safety Programme – provides videos, workshops, webinars, work sheets and slides to help teach children aged 8 – 12 about online safety and critical thinking.
  • CyberSafeIreland is an Irish charity which aims to empower children, parents, schools and businesses to navigate the online world in a safer and more responsible way.
  • IFI Schools Programme – subscription based online streaming library for schools.
  • The Edit from Sky is a digital storytelling challenge and competition which can help children explore how to create and tell stories using media.
  • Press Pass NewsBrands Ireland’s Transition Year news literacy and student journalism programme.


  • T for Think Smart is a 15-minute video is designed to help children to ‘think smart’ about the information they read and the people they meet online.
  • S for Safe is a 10-minute video about staying safe online.