Wednesday Webinar on Teacher Education in Digital Media Literacy (Part 4)

Join us for our ongoing Spring ’24 Wednesday Webinar series, dedicated to Teacher Education in Digital Media Literacy, and organised as part of the TeaMLit project. TeaMLit aims to provide guidance, resources, and support for teacher trainers in Europe. These engaging sessions spotlight the efforts and achievements of our team while also featuring insights from media literacy practitioners and experts. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange best practices, knowledge, and quality resources.

In our upcoming fourth chapter titled “TeaMLit’s Journey: Exploring the Media & Information Literacy Landscape, second insights” we delve into the second report from the TeaMLit project, focusing on Teacher Education in Digital and Media Literacy. This report stems from an 18-month research journey spanning January 2023 to June 2024, offering an intricate examination of Media and Information Literacy (MIL) teacher education and training across eight additional countries and regions: France, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Belgium-Wallonia, Spain, and Catalonia. External speakers will also join us to provide invaluable insights into their respective national experiences and realities.

Moderator: Sally Reynolds , Media & Learning Association, Belgium

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